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EOI US Funding

Expressions of Interest for Funding from the United States

INFORMATION FOR APPLICANTS: This first page of the application contains important information you should read before applying. 

Purpose of this form

Complete this form if you have an idea for a project to help solve the world’s problems and need assistance in matching the project with a funding source. Project ideas should be valued at $100,000 AUD or more. Based on the information provided on this form, support staff will assess the feasibility of obtaining international funding based on our current understanding of the United States funding landscape. Opportunities exist through:

a. Philanthropic individuals, trusts and foundations, and corporations, and
b. Research grantors, including government agencies.

Tips for completing the form

A non-academic staff member will use this form to identify possible supporters whose priorities align with your impact statement. To facilitate this, please:

- Use lay language throughout
- Consider the broad impact of your work to fields outside your own
- Identify how your project will benefit global or United States audiences
- Identify any current partnerships with colleagues, institutions or networks that support the value of your idea
- Express any initial thoughts on funders who might be interested in your idea

After the form is submitted, the International Development (philanthropy) and International Grants Research teams will:

- Review your project and determine whether international funding opportunities may exist within the University’s networks;
- Contact you within five working days of submission to discuss if we are aware of funders in your area, clarify your impact statement and project idea, and see if we have any preliminary matches. Based on this conversation we will have a better idea of whether we can help;
- If we can help, ask you to inform your Head of Department about your project if you have not already done so;
- Work with you to develop a plan and timeline;
   a) Philanthropic funding may be available on a rolling basis. Depending on your project, presenting it to a potential funder might take several months after submission of this form.
   b) Research grants are typically deadline driven. We can help develop a plan and timeline for proposal submission.
- Manage any legal documentation required by the University to formalise funding;
- Remain in contact with you and the potential funder in pursuit of an outcome, and
- If funding is successful, maintain the relationship with the funder.

The International Development and International Grants Research teams, and how we work: International Development is a part of Chancellery Advancement. We are a small team of staff that create and help to maintain relationships in East Asia, the US and the UK to raise philanthropic funds for the University. View more information at:

This initiative is the outcome of the MDHS Research Development-led International Success for MDHS working group, involving MDHS Research Development, RIC International Grants and Chancellery Advancement. The International Grants Research team is a unit within Research, Innovation, and Commercialization and is responsible for research proposals that are submitted in a foreign currency. Andrea Moshier, Research Partnership Manager (USA) is in a USA based position with the role of supporting, enhancing and facilitating research partnership with US collaborators and funding agencies. Find additional information at

If you have any questions in regards to these eligibility criteria, please contact