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2021 McKenzie Postdoctoral Fellowships - Eligibility Exemption Request

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Eligibility Exemption Request (EER)

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Instructions to Prospective Applicants

An Eligibility Exemption Request (EER) may be submitted to obtain an exemption if:

  • The applicant’s PhD was awarded prior to 1 January 2016 and there are exceptional extenuating circumstances;
  • For clarification where the applicant holds an appointment or series of appointments at the University of Melbourne totaling one year or more;
  • The applicant has another candidate eligibility issue due to exceptional circumstances.

If submitting an EER, applicants must make a compelling argument as to why the exemption
request should be approved.

  • Submission of an EER does not guarantee an exemption.
  • RIC will notsupport EERs for applicants who have undertaken employment or decided to follow a different career path prior to 1 January 2018  and/or if the applicant was awarded their PhD ten (10) or more years ago.
  • RIC will not support EERs for applicants who will not be able to provide PhD evidence by the application closing date. 

Applicant Details

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Proposed Host Academic Division for McKenzie Fellowship

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Type of Exemption Requested

Applicants must provide full details of each type of exemption being requested, i.e. the details of exactly what you are requesting an exemption for. If discussing periods of employment or interruption, all dates must be supplied as well as the FTE (full-time equivalent). 

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Word count:
For example: I am requesting two eligibility exemptions because my PhD was awarded in December 2016 and because I have an appointment at the University of Melbourne that is longer than 12 months.

    Non-employment/Employment History

    Indicate non-employment and employment history (in months/years and fraction Full-Time Equivalent) in reverse chronological order since the date of PhD award. In addition, include any academic appointments at the University of Melbourne which predate the award of your PhD, if applicable.

    Time Period (Month/Year-Month/Year)Employment or Non-Employment DescriptionEmployer (or N/A for non-employment entry)Total employment period (months/years)Fractional Full Time Equivalent (FTE)
    May 2013-June 2014
    Maternity Leave
    Full time = 1.0 FTE; 4 days per week = 0.8 FTE; etc.


    I declare that the information I have given in this application is true to the best of my knowledge, and I understand that any offer of funding may be withdrawn if false information is given. * Required